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About Us

Milliner (mil-uh-ner) n.

A person who makes and sells women’s hats.

A Milliner refers to a person who has mastered the art of hat making. It is a highly respected profession in which the skilled Milliner creates handmade hats from scratch using the age old tradition and techniques of “blocking” over hat blocks.  Many of these blocks are very old and resemble styles of a certain time period and history in which these hats became popular.


With hats becoming more of a demand within the United States, we here at Block & Stitch, saw a need to start a hat manufacturing company.  Our goal is to help keep this craft alive because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love an amazing hat!  What appears to be a seemingly easy wardrobe accoutrement, a hat often becomes a conversation starter creating the perfect statement and setting the stage for yet another memorable life moment.  The making of hats is a craft we have come to admire, respect, and for which we have a true passion. With over 12 years of hat making experience, we take great pride in capturing the time-honored traditions in our work and wanted to pass our love of hat making to you.  

We realize that blocking a hat can be time consuming.  Let alone, the investment involved in collecting the many shapes of hat blocks your heart desires.  With our team of skilled Milliners, we will block each hat to your choice of material, style and color, creating each hat order custom for you. These hats are not finished with embellishments.  This is where your creativity soars.  We will provide you with a blocked hat base that has a sewn sweat band (adjustable bands are available), and a wired brim edge (if applicable).  We also offer the ability to order custom carved hat blocks, created in house, that we will block your hats on and which will be exclusive to you.

We believe Milliners come together with one common thread, and that is the love of hat making and the desire to continue a tradition that is by no means forgotten.  

Block and Stitch is a division of the Formé Millinery Company.