Block and Stitch

The Hat Journey

The Hat Making Process


Blocking: Molding the millinery material over hat blocks by wetting and steaming it to create the shape of the specific block. Once all of the pleats and bumps are removed, it is ready to complete the blocking process.

Drying: Each hat needs to be completely dry before the next step of adding the sweatband and wire. 

Finishing: The material is removed from the block(s).  Excess material is removed where the wire will be sewn.  A sweat band is sewn to the inside of the hat where the crown meets the brim for comfort.  Finally, the wire is sewn to the edge of the brim for additional stability.  

Your Personal Touch


With a team of skilled Milliners, we will block each hat to your choice of material, style and color, creating each hat order custom for you. These hats are not finished with embellishments.  This is where your creativity soars.  

We will provide you with a blocked hat base that has a sewn sweat band (adjustable bands are available), and a wired brim edge (if applicable).   

Finally, the hat bases will be carefully packaged and shipped to you for your added touch.

Quality Products


Here at Block and Stitch, we strive on providing the highest quality blocked hats for our customers.  

We are always searching for the best millinery materials sourced from all over the world.   

We thank you for your love of hats.  

Keep on Hatting!